The company Exleasingcar is a part of the international group ELCA Holding. The company is developing and representing such brands as Exleasingcar auction franchise, TraderCars, CarInspect powered by Macadam and ADAM that are well known in Lithuania and Europe. The main Company goal is to develop innovative tools and solutions B4B – Business for Business.




The newly developed auction platform ADAM is empowered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) system.

We have connected our 12 years of experience in online auctions scope and a need for innovative software for auction management with the most advanced AI technology. Artificial Intelligence that runs in ADAM’s veins provides the power of 10 and more men’s work.

While working alone or with a minimal crew, you could reach high results and create a successful auction platform.


  • Artificial Intelligence:
    • enables multi-tasking and eases the workload for existing resources
    • tracks market trends and other data and suggests changes
    • continuously analyses vast amounts of data, engages it, and makes useful solutions
  • Fully customizable and adaptive to any industry or business size needs. ADAM will fit all your needs.
  • API integration (Application programming interface). All data from your ERP, CRM, or accounting software will be imported/exported automatically.
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Exleasingcar is the premier service provider of digital Fleet-to-Dealer (F2D) and Dealer-to-Dealer (D2D) auction services in Europe and beyond.

We are a leading B2B remarketing platform that converges wholesale sellers and buyers into one powerful platform of digital transformation.

Our brand summary:

  • TOP 5 recognizes brands in the sector
  • International footprint and reach
  • Innovative digital solutions
  • Wide range of inventory
  • Expertise in vehicles & document handling and logistics

Perhaps this aligns with your business values.

Join us on the quest for digital transformation worldwide.

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TraderCars is a revolutionary D2D platform that enables companies to liquidate their wholesale inventory quickly and efficiently.

At TraderCars you are the auction! It is an auction-based sales engine powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform Adam. Take full advantage of our ever-expanding network, friendly user interface, and AI tools to better help you navigate your business.

TraderCars helps you sell more new cars by getting your customer the trade value they want. It’s real money, right now!
Once you will start to consider selling the fleet you own – TraderCars is the most advanced way to cash it right away.

  • Fast selling process running 24/7
  • Sell from multiple locations
  • Access to “10, 000” buyers worldwide
  • Transport services

Act today! Increase the speed of your business!

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It is very simple and easy to inspect your vehicles with Macadam CarCheckApp and be a seller that everyone trusts.

A powerful tool is very useful for car lease companies or companies that have big vehicles fleet in use, wants to sell or renew the fleet.

One short inspection allows you to have all processes digitalized and get car condition information to your computer, no matter where the car is. You don’t have to think about where the pictures of the car should be stored and how to upload them to the computer. Just follow the steps on Macadam CarCheckApp and get an inspection report on your device instantly.

With our services, you can get end-of-lease return assessments of your car fleet before the end of the rental/leasing period. We suggest two options:

  • To use Macadam CarCheckApp which will help to check vehicles by yourself
  • Choose our „All in“ pack. An independent inspector will come to the vehicle location and use the Macadam CarCheckApp to carry out the entire inspection process. With this option, you won’t have to worry about a single detail related to your fleet